by Oliver C. Morton

My Vision54 Journey started, strangely enough, at The Titleist Performance Institute in San Diego, whilst attending their 'Speakers School'. This is where I met Matthew Palsenbarg, a Golf Coach based in Vancover, Canada. 
One night, over dinner, Matt told me about Vision54 and how it had changed his outlook on golf, but more importantly, LIFE.

I deliberated over attending a Coach Vision54 Golf School in Arizona during December 2012. I pondered over the financial and time investments at length. Fortunately I decided to attend - one of the best decisions of my life.

My time with Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott opened my eyes to a whole new world of instruction. The 4 days I had with them exposed me to the more mystic elements of Golf Instruction: The Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual.

The course comprised of antic dotes from their time coaching many of the worlds best players (Annika Sorenstam, Kevin Streelman, Suzann Pettersen, Ai Miyazato, Yani Tseng, Marc Warren, Scott Jamieson......), as well as practical application mixed with theory.

The direct benefits of the course were plentiful but it also enabled me to meet some amazing people including:

Rudy Duran - (Tigers childhood coach). Kristine Reese & Tiffany Yager (Fellow Vision54 coaches). Katherine Roberts (Founder of Yoga for Golfers who has worked with the likes of Hank Haney).

It also allowed me to affirm my friendships with Matthew Palsenbarg, Chad Elledge and Adam Werbicki. We had many long nights discussing all things golf :)

I don't live life with regret, things in the past are not under my control so I try to not let them affect me. However, a thought I have had is: What could I have achieved in my playing career if I had been exposed to Vision54 teachings earlier in my life? That is an unanswerable question. 

What I do know is that I want to try an expose as many people as I can to their teachings in the hope that it will have the same positive effect on their lives as it has mine.

With that in mind I am pleased to say that Vision54 are in Scotland (for their first time) conducting a 1 day golf school with us at Swanston New Golf Club on the 28th July 2013. View the post below for more details on the Vision54 Golf School. To reserve your please click on the image below:




Don't miss this life changing opportunity. Change Your Game.



AuthorOliver Morton