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Group Fitness & Coaching Classes

We offer weekly Golf Coaching and Golf specific Fitness classes to deliver something we believe is at the cutting edge of Golf Performance Improvement. 

Our weekly classes are delivered by Experts in the field of Golf Fitness and Instruction. They allow Clients to have a team of Coaches to help them have more FUN and PLAY better golf at a reduced cost.


Gone are the days where Golfers think their body’s ability to perform doesn’t affect their swing.
— Oliver C. Morton.


How our Group lessons could help you:

  • Increased distance

  • Improved accuracy

  • More Consistency

  • Prolonged playing careers

  • Better play

  • More enjoyment

  • Pain free golf

  • More motivation


Our Group Coaching Partners

Our Group Coaching Partners

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Places are limited so sign-up today or contact us for more information.

  • 4 Sessions a month

  • 2 Hours of Golf Tuition and Fitness per month (4 Hours total)

  • 1 Month Sign up

  • Only £60 a month

  • Limited Spaces


We also offer: 

One to One Holistic Golf Coaching, Connected Coaching and discover The Tools We Use.

One to One

One to One

Connected Coaching

Connected Coaching

The Tools We Use

The Tools We Use