Junior Equipment Advice

Our Coaches are very aware that they have a small amount of time to get your children ‘hooked’ into Golf. One of the main ingredients is the equipment your child plays with.

Parents often go to large retail stores and are given a package set at what seems a reasonable price, unaware that the clubs are too heavy for their child to swing efficiently. We know that if the clubs are light enough for the child to swing efficiently, they have the ability to get the ball into the air = child hooked! 

Our Equipment Top Tips

  1. Cut-off adult clubs have been the standard for children’s use for many years. But most adult golfers wrestle with poor swing habits resulting from their start with cut-off clubs that were too heavy and stiff.

  2. Club Weight is one of the most important aspects of selecting clubs for your child. Lighter clubheads will allow more clubhead speed and distance, improve balance, and help kids develop a smooth, natural swing.

  3. Club Length is also critical in developing a good swing and learning the fundamentals. A driver length should never be above the bottom of the ribs or below the belt line.

  4. When selecting a first club, a putter is the best choice to first put in a kids hand. Then a 9-iron training club because it is fun and easy for kids to hit the ball in the air off of a tee. Add a lofted fairway wood or hybrid club for the ideal starter set.

  5. Fitting through the years is key to the development and improvement of the young golfer. Kids grow an average of 2.5 inches per year after age two, and as your child grows, you will need to re-fit them according to their height. Check their height every six months to be sure their clubs are properly fit.

Juniors enjoy things they are good at. Ill-fitting equipment stops them being as good as they could be. We recommend US Kids equipment (the world leader). They concentrate solely on manufacturing Junior golf equipment.

Have a look on www.uskidsgolf.com, or pop into The Shop at Archerfield to see their extensive range.

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Junior Programme

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