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Level 1: I'm Starting Out

These packages are for beginners who are looking to get a little more out of their Golf: 

Our Level 1 programmes are a great way to start your Golfing Journey, in a fun and relaxed learning environment at a relatively low cost. Each STAGE provides beginners with different options to experience our COACHING FRAMEWORK.

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STAGE 1 / Introduction:
Just starting? Try our 1 Hour intro package. 


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STAGE 2 / Group Lessons:
Sign up for a 2 week, 4 hour long course. 



Holistic Golf Stage 3

STAGE 3 / Evaluation I:
A 2 Hour On-Course introduction and evaluation.



Holistic Golf Stage 4

STAGE 4 / Swing Builder:
A 2 month plan containing 3 Hours of bespoke Coaching.

£75 per month

The Leading Edge Golf company Coaching

Level 2: I Want To Improve

Real change takes time. Lesson packages are bespoke for the individual allowing them to impact the biggest changes in their performance. We utilise our Coaching Framework to adapt each of the STAGES to suit the needs of the individual. We like to start with STAGE 5 / Evaluation II and then build a bespoke programme utilising THE TOOLS WE USE and the 7 KEYS TO GOLF PERFORMANCE.


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STAGE 5 / Evaluation II:
2 Hours of in-depth On-Course evaluation.


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STAGE 6 / Game Changer:
A 2 month plan containing 4 hours of bespoke coaching.

£150 per month


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STAGE 7 / Performance:
A 3 month plan containing 6 hours of bespoke coaching.

£150 per month

9 hours of golf coaching

STAGE 8 / The Big 9:
A 6 month plan containing 12 hours of bespoke coaching.

£150 per month


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Level 3: I'm Serious

For those of you who are SERIOUS about change and are willing to COMMIT TO THE VOLUME:
All STAGES are bespoke programmes that include all THE TOOLS WE USE. We advise on all 7 KEYS TO GOLF PERFORMANCE and ensure no stone is left unturned to improve your performance.

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STAGE 9 / Evaluation III:     2 Hours of intense 'Pro Level' On-Course evaluation. 



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STAGE 10 / Accelerator:    A 12 month plan containing 12 hours of bespoke coaching. 

£75 per month

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STAGE 11 / Leading Edge:  A 12 month plan containing 24 hours of coaching.

£150 per month


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STAGE 12 /  UNLIMITED:    12 Months of 'Unlimited' Coaching.

£500 per month


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Day Assessments

Day Assessments

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Connected Coaching

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The Tools We Use