The Leading Edge Golf Company have some of the finest tools available to "Change Your Game".

We believe it's important for our clients to have access to effective and appropriate training tools to maximise their learning efficiency.

The Leading Edge Golf Company Coaches are passionate and skilled at incorporating technology seamlessly into our Holistic Coaching Framework.

As a ‘Leading Edge’ client you can expect to use the very best tools, expertly guided by our experienced Coaching team
— Oliver C. Morton


Q. How can TrackMan help my game?

TrackMan is an industry leading radar system that allows you to see exactly what is happening at impact to create your ball flight. All club, swing and ball flight data, from club speed to hang time, is illustrated and delivered in easy to understand format. TrackMan allows you to quantify your improvement - INSTANTLY.

We don't just use the numbers given by the machine, we take into consideration all aspects of the customer involved and combine expertise with technology. 
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K-vest 3D & 6D Biomechanics

Q. How does The Leading Edge Golf Company incorporate K-vest into my lessons?

We are the only organisation in Scotland that provides K-vest 6D AND 3D motion analysis!

K-vest measures swing efficiency via the kinematic sequence (how your body moves during your swing). It allows users to AVOID INJURY and see where they are losing power, accuracy and consistency.

Real-time visual and auditory biofeedback is used to improve every aspect of the golf swing, including setup, backswing, top and impact positions.
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SAM BalanceLab Force-plate

Q. What does a Force-plate do?  

It detects the way your weight/pressure moves during the swing, highlighting how efficiently and effectively you transfer your weight.

The BalanceLab allows you to achieve your optimal setup position, reduce injury and isolate physical restrictions. It assists in creating maximum pressure into the ground, helping you hit the ball further.

Additionally it helps identify the correct footwear/golf shoe and indicates how stable your body segments are during your swing.
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Game Golf

Q. What is Game Golf?

Golf is no longer just a memory and a scorecard. Now it's a living, breathing chronicle of your game. Everything you do on the course is recorded and presented in an all-in-one online system to help you better see, understand and show off your skills. With GAME GOLF, you don't just leave everything you've got on the course—it comes with you afterwards so you can see in detail how you did and where you can do better.
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Q. How can Zepp help me improve?

Zepp Golf paves the way for improvement by empowering players and coaches to measure some of the most important aspects of the golf swing: club head speed, club plane, hand path, hand speed, swing tempo, backswing club angle, hip rotation and more. It helps you understand your baseline metrics, analyse how effective and consistent your swing really is and work on mastering the repeatability of your ideal swing.
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High Speed Camera for golf in Edinburgh

High Speed Video

Q. What are the benefits of Video?

Video is a great tool to enable you to visualise what might be causing that ball to ignore your will. It allows you to see any technical issues you might have and trust the change you are implementing.

Many clients obtain a better understanding of the contributing factors that lead to their Impact and Ball Flight Conditions. Leading to lower scores and more FUN!

Aline Insoles

Q. What can Alines do for me?

They ALIGN your legs and ankles to give you maximum power transfer in every shot as well as STABILISING your feet to give you a consistent swing plane. 

These state of the art insoles SUSPEND your foot structures to allow natural movement and optimal biomecahanical health. REDUCING the risk of stress injury to your foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back. Potentially PROLONGING your playing career.

Smart golfers use ALINE for a competitive advantage AND to stop the foot and lower body damage that come with playing the game of golf. 
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The Indoor Academy at Swanston

Q. What are the benefits of getting a lesson in the Indoor Academy?

The Indoor Academy houses our state of the art equipment. Containing a fully operational simulator (powered by Flightscope), K-vest 3D Analysis, Force-plate and TWO putting greens.
The Indoor Academy is the perfect place to perfect your game during the Winter Months and adverse weather.
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